If you have dental insurance and would like us to file your claim, be sure to include all the necessary information when filling out your patient registration form.

Our insurance coordinators deal with many different insurance companies who offer many different dental and medical plans. These companies can change benefits, co-pays and deductibles many times throughout the year. We do our best to provide you with accurate coverage estimates based on information available to us. At times, it is almost impossible to accurately estimate your insurance co-payment. Many insurance companies will not give out fees until after the treatment is completed. As a courtesy, we ask that you keep us informed of any change to your insurance. It is important that all information about you and your insurance is current.

We will send your claims to any insurance carrier upon verification of coverage, regardless of our participation with them, contingent upon the following items.

1. We will bill your carrier as long as you are receiving treatment here. Insurance payments can take 45-90 days to reach us due to the complexity of the types of services we perform and the nature of the insurance industry.

2. If your insurance does not pay within 60 days, it is your responsibility to pay of the balance and be reimbursed by us as those payments arrive in our office. Please monitor your statements for claims pending and call your carrier with any questions that you may have. Ultimately, you are responsible for any fees your carrier declines to pay.

3. We will help in negotiating a disputed claim ALONG WITH YOUR HELP. Insurance reimbursement is a contract between you, your employer and your carrier, and you are responsible for the payment of your account within the limits of our financial policy.